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Saraswati College of Engineering
Plot No. 46, Sector 5
Near MSEB Sub Station,
Navi Mumbai 410210

Telephone : (022) 27743706, 27743707, 27743708, 32017417, 32027356
Fax : (022) 27743712
Email : ses_scoe@yahoo.co.in , registrarsaraswati@gmail.com
Website : http://www.sce.edu.in

Saraswati College of Engineering



                Saraswati College Of Engineering is a premier engineering institution, established for the purpose of imparting state of art technical education to newly aspired engineers of the 21st Century. We dream to be a leading research organization with dream & vision of creating knowledgeable society. Saraswati College Of Engineering started functioning from 17th Sep. 2004 with full energy & enthusiasm, with the help of dynamic Principal & staff members. The growth of any worthwhile endeavor specially in the field of education depends to considerable extent on the selfless service & dedication of the people working for it. The most important feature of this Society & College, which is quite different from other such organizations is that "It is based on collective effort every common individual, working with a team spirit as a family". Long term planning, meaningful administration & dedicated experienced & hard working staff, full fledged Library & well equipped laboratories are few of our strong points to mention.

                The Saraswati Education society lays special emphasis on providing the best possible infrastructure for learning on all its campuses. All the existing and upcoming institutions of the Society are provided with spacious buildings to accommodate reception, office & classrooms, staff-rooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshops, libraries, computer centres, auditoriums, conference halls and examination halls, recreation centres for staff and students, sports rooms,, canteen, , placement cells. All the buildings have been elaborately furnished and fitted with the necessary fixtures. generator facilities of a high capacity make the institutions independent of the public power system



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